Engineering and Building Division are responsible to implement infrastructure projects all facilities in the entire administrative area of Kuala Pilah District Council to ensure that the living standards of the local population are better with the development of complete infrastructure. This section is responsible for approving engineering and building plans to ensure that all of the buildings are good condition and quality.


Carry out professional responsibilities in carrying out development projects. Processing plans and CFOs in tandem with improving the well-being of the population through planned and systematic development.

Division Function

  • Processing engineering and building plans.
  • Maintaining the Council's vehicle/ property.
  • Maintaining mechanical issues.
  • Managing and implementing public utulities work and festival day.
  • Infrastructure planning anf public utilities.
  • Build and maintain drains, sewers, electricity, waterways and communications.
  • Controls and processes building plans approval application.
  • Planning, implementing and controlling construction project development.
  • Managing contracts, quotations and tenders.