This department is responsible for all financial affairs of the Council. It covers all the proceeds, expenses, payments, budgeting and accounting.



Provides financial management services to all employees, departments within the Council, taxpayers and the public with efficient, trustworthy and effective in line with the requirements of the applicable financial regulations.


Division Function

  • Manage the Finance Department of the General Administration of affairs, including staff and office equipment supplies
  • Responsible for the control of incoming and outgoing documents, as well as security officials.
  •  Keep records such as payment documents, support statements, turnover turnaround minutes, liability records, contract control lists, local order registers and various bills.
  • Provide, control and manage the Annual Council's Budget annually for the approval of the State Authority.
  • Update all accounting records and prepare Monthly Financial Statements, Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements
  • To handle the matters of preparation and payment of salary of Council staff including income, income tax deduction, loans and so forth and keep those records for future reference.
  • Provide the Council's Assessment Tax Collection Performance Report every month for the advice of the Council.
  • Provide and manage efficient and organized parking facilities in all areas under Council's maintenance.