The Information Technology Division was established on 1st August 2002 where it was established on MDKP administration awareness raising to increasingly ICT needs especially at the Kuala Pilah District Council and in Malaysia in general. Overall, this Information Technology Division controls and maintains computer system and computer application software as well as maintains and ensures computer network conditions are in good condition without interruption of access to information by internal users.



  • Enhance the efficiency of machinery and management system of the Ministry through the use of ICT information and communication technology.
  • Establish a Ministry's integrated information gathering system for the convenience of the Ministry's references and benefits to the public.
  • Providing proficient and literate officer/ staff.


Division Function

  • Ensure that all operations management, administration and services of the department in the field of information technology, especially the communication network system (LAN and WAN), Database System and internet network, Department website and Department email are fully functional without any interruption to internal users internal auditors (MDKP staff) and users (laymen).
  • Integrate job systems.
  • Provide ICT assistance to all sections and users.
  • Managing hardware and software procurement.
  • Enhancing IT knowledge and skill.
  • Internet and manage website Department and internet security.
  • Maintainance of hardware, software and systems in collabration with appointed suppliers.
  • Ensure communication and cabling equipment to computer equipment at the event is perfect.
  • Review and plan the suitability of the operating system from time to time.
  • Provides maintenance of computer system hardware in Unit/ Division which requires it.
  • Ensuring income/ yield statement is updated every month so that the information produced is accurate.