The goal of establishing this One Stop Center is to shorten th processing time norms of simultaneous processing of proposed proposals and increase the delivery system of procedures and proposals at Local Authories.



  • Coordinate and expedite the process of approval of land development applications at the Land Office and Local Authorities covering for planning permission, building plans and other plans.
  • Shorten the time norms and facilitate the process of planning permission applications, building plans and certification of land development applications for projects under the concept of Bina Kemudian Jual (BKJ), High Impact Project and Foreign Investment concept and Government Projects within four (4) months and under the Jual Kemudian Bina (JKB) concept within six (6) months. 
  • Standardize procedures and processes for planning permission, building plans, and land development applications with regard to the provisions of the National Land Code 1965 (KTN56), Town and Country Planning Act1976 (Act 172) and Drainage, Road and Building Act 1974 (Act 133).

Division Function

  • Coordinate and process applications for planning permission, building plans and land development applications under the privisions of sections 124A and 240D KTN.
  • Inform the approval of the planning permission plan and building plan to the applicants.
  • Make a certificate of land application to the Land Office.
  • Provides an application status report.