Persons issued a Temporary Construction Permit are responsible for:

image Ensure that the construction is according to the approved plan.
imageTake any necessary measures to maintain roadside and road shoulder pipes  free from obstructions.
image Ensure that the fire hydrants and any other existing facility services installed are not at all obstructed
image Take appropriate precautionary measures in order to not to damage the existing supply pipes by placing
  appropriate loads.
image Remove all construction materials and debris when the work has been completed / before the permit expires.
image Repair any damage to streets, drainage, pedestrian walkways and five footways as well as to ensure the site
  and drains are clean.
image Ensure that there are no pitfalls and damages on the surface of the road / open spaces.
image Ensure public notification signboards are displayed
image Obtain permission in advance from the Council’s Car Park Division if parking spaces are used.
image Ensure the vehicles entering and exiting the construction area/site do not dirty the road.
image Ensure no mixing of cement/concrete on the road
image Ensure that flowers/trees, benches, and playground facilities owned by Council are not damaged
image The approval will not exempt the applicants from other parties involved and the Council will not be responsible
  for any claims and allegations made
image The Council reserves the right to reduce and remove the structure / construction material if specified conditions
  are not fully complied with and the cost will be claimed.
image Cash deposit may be deducted if the conditions are not being complied
image The Council is free from any charge and compensations caused by the authorisation in the event of any

Please include the following documents:

image A copy of land title / agreement document
image A copy of the latest quit rent / assessment tax receipt
image Plan process payment bill
image Plan process proof of payment
image Three sets of Building Plan / Draft approved by the Council (1 coloured set)
image Building plan signed by the Owner and Architect
image Building plan folded into A4 size

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