Documents Required When Renewing Licence

1. A colour passport sized photograph
2. A copy of the receipt for fire extinguisher inspection payment
3. A copy of a valid basic food handling course certificate (food & beverage business only)
4. Injection certificate (ty2) for licence holders & assistants (food & beverage business only)
5. A copy of paid assessment tax bill for the second half of 2009
6. Original licence 2010 / advertisement sign licence 2010
7. A copy of business registration (SSM)


  Application conditions
1. Business companies or single ownership business must be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)
2. Applications must be made using premise licence application form by enclosing the prerequisite documents:
  •1 Copy of the Company / Business / Organisation Registration (Form 9 & 49 or Form D along with the information of the business and owner)
•1 copy of the identification card / passport of the applicant
•1 coloured visual of the sign and the installation location picture for the advertisement (If applicable)


  Conditions for approval
1. The premise used must comply and comply with the basic conditions of the Building Control and Planning Department and had obtained the planning permission or development order (DO)
2. The premise must comply and fulfil the basic conditions and requirements of the Building Control Division and approval for the building plan and the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CF/TCF)for the building
3. The premise used must comply and fulfil the basic conditions and requirements of the health Department
4. The premise being used must comply and fulfil the conditions and requirements of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department
  • Providing Fire Safety Measures System
• Buildings at level one and above with single stairway are not allowed to be used for conducting business
• Premises to be used for certain business activities like entertainment premises must obtain endorsement from the Police Department


  Conditions for the Licence
1. The business premise licenced must be used for business activities as written on the licence
2. The business licence must be displayed on places / wall that can be easily seen
3. Business activities must be conducted within the premise and it is prohibited to use the sidewalk or the surrounding areas
4. The licenced premise buildings must not be modified without permission. Please contact the Building Control and Planning Department for that purpose
5. Cleanliness must be maintained whether inside/outside of the building
6. Take certain measures to ensure the business activities conducted does not causes any environmental pollution, noise disturbance, foul smell and obstruction
7. Sufficient refuse bins are provided and refuses must be put into plastic bags before being disposed into the bins
8. Rearing animals in the premises like dogs, cats, chickens and others are prohibited
  Contact officer :- 

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