Kuala Pilah is one of the seven districts in Negeri Sembilan, that is Kuala Pilah, Jelebu, Johol, Tampin, Rembau, Port Dickson, and Seremban. It is centrally located between Bahau and Seremban which is also known as ‘small town' (pekan kecil) with the size of 109,039.58 hectares.

Kuala Pilah is made up of three types of villages (kampung), they are Traditional Village, New Vilage, and Indigenous Village. Tradisional Village are heritage lands which are usually occupied by Malays, where else new village are usually occupied by the three major races in Malaysia. Indigenous Village are inhabited by the aborigines communities.

Based on the 2000 statistic, the district of Kuala Pilah has a population of 63,541, that is 7.66% of Negeri Sembilan population of 829,774. With the annual growth rate of 1.8%, the population of Kuala Pilah will reached 70,403 in the year 2006. However, according to the 2003 general election by the Statistic Department, the population of Kuala Pilah was estimated at 77,448.

Kuala Pilah development focus is in agriculture and its economic sources are, palm oil, rubber, vegetables, paddy, fruits, and timber. Its hilly terrain with large forest reserve gives Kuala Pilah the pleasant natural environment suitable for residential and potential for domestic and international tourism. There are several areas identified as tourist attractions, such as Ulu Bendul Recreational Park and Jeram Tengkekdan Forest Park Homestay Village that welcome visitors wishing to experience village living atmosphere. Apart from that, those visiting Kuala Pilah on business or leisure do not have to worry about accommodation as Kuala Pilah do have a hotel called Desa Inn Hotel. Managed by NSR Properties Sdn Bhd. the hotel is located at Dato' Abdul Manap Road, in the centre of Kuala Pilah Town.

There are other amenities in the like of shopping centre around Kuala Pilah that facilitates the residents daily routines in purchasing their groceries. Among these are Gedung Sri Minang in Kuala Pilah Town, Pasar raya UPWELL in Melang, Kuala Pilah, and Pasar raya Active located at Kuala Pilah-Bahau Road. The resident of Kuala Pilah will have the opportunity to visit the Agro Market every Saturday to purchase village agricultural produce. And for those that are returning from work and do not have the time to prepare diner, do not fret, they are able to purchase verities of food at the night market. The night market is also located in Kuala Pilah Town centre and is open daily from six in the evening.