Megalith Site



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The word 'megalithic' is derived from the Greek word 'cloud' which means big and 'lithos' the rock, can be defined as a large stone erected on land alone and in pairs. Megalithic stone discoveries around the country is a sign of the beginning of the development community placement make it a place of worship, as well as put a variety of beliefs that are believed to influence the economy (agriculture) as well as the culture of the time. At that time also, the people who depend on agriculture as the main economic sources believe that the worship and adoration megalithic stone can help them to acquire fertile crops, "he told reporters here today. Said the megalithic stones of the historic monument also used as a community first gathered and traditional performances for leisure purposes. Among the identified megalithic sites around the state is Pengkalan Kempas, New Divide, Ipoh and Island Village Sebang in Tampin, Terachi Valley, New Divide, Gedang Village, Village field Width, Left Kundangan village, Kampung Masjid, Kampung Parit Tengah and Kampung Talang - all in the county Terachi (Tampin and Kuala Pilah)..



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